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Stress and sexsomnia

I was reading an interesting story about a woman whose boyfriend is a sexsomniac under stress. According to the woman, the boyfriend has “sexsomnia” when stressed out. You can read about this experience here

You might wish to look at yourself and see if you too are stressed out. Will meditation, yoga or working on other stress reducing methods reduce the condition? Stress is a known contributing factor for sexsomnia. According to this study, multiple sexsomnia episodes occurred during stress and fatigue. Hence is it possible that patients are experiencing “stress” and sleep deprivation on the night of committing sexsomnia? The question to ask would be, will the condition go away at least temporarily when the stress is reduced?

Trajanovic NN, Mangan M, Shapiro CM. 2007. Sexual behaviour in sleep: an internet survey. SocPsychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol. 42(12): 1024-31

Sleep sex consumes me

In the beginning, Carly suffered with sleep sex sporadically, now it consumes her nights and is causing stress in her marriage. In this video Carly talks about her experiences of masturbation in the night. To start with, Carly did it every now and then, but now she does it every day.

Sleep Sex - I Don't Remember

People with sexsomnia have sex while they're asleep. Usually, they have no idea what they've done until confronted by evidence or by another person. Sexsomniacs have been known to sleepwalk from their homes and have sex with strangers. There have even been cases in which a person with sexsomnia committed a sexual assault or rape while asleep. Source. One thing is for sure, both the persons involved are victims. The sexsomniac is not aware of their acts until they have been told about their behaviour.

Sexsomnia: The Sex-sleep

Sexsomnia is a newly identified and a rare medical condition whose sufferers engage in sexual behavior during their sleep. Sexsomnia is a discrete alternative of sleepwalking called sleep sex that includes behaviors of sexual arousal with autonomic activation (e.g. erection and orgasms). Sexual Behaviors in Sleep, Sleep Sex, and Sexsomnia all refers to sexual behavior that occur during sleep. If one has sexsomnia then they are sexsomniac. According to experts and sleep professionals this sex usually happens in bed with people who are already partners and there are no therapies.
There have been cases of charges of violence where victims of sexsomnia are not capable of discerning their intended partners, which means anyone can be at risk. Those with sexsomnia are often tried in court for intimidation, but are often acquitted because they really have no idea what is happening.
The complication is that it often goes unreported because of shame and embarrassment. Furthermore, little is known about this condition's demographics and clinical features. Persons who are romantically involved with those prone to sexsomnia are often aware of their partners' strange behavior.
The most common medication given to patients of sexsomnia is generally anti-anxiety drugs. Sometimes people who suffer of sexsomnia are aware of their problem and don't seek help.
Instances of sexsomnia are purportedly more common if the individual is under the influence of alcohol or sleeping medication.
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Understanding Sleep sex

The sleep disorder Sexsomnia is a kind of non-rapid eye movement(NREM) parasomnia parallel to sleep-walking that makes people to commit acts whilst in their asleep from mild arousal to sex with either their long term partner or anyone.
It is thought sexsomnia is induced through the disruption of endocrines and physical reaction to unspecified unconscious mental abstract thought. The condition is entirely unconscious and biological and parallel to wet dreams for men and nighttime climaxes for females.
Sexsomnia has an array of asperity ranging from the purity of drippy dreams to nighttime climaxes in loneliness to slumbering on a spouse where the move lasts in disarray of accordant or non-consensual copulations. This degree of inclemency frequently matters on the human relationship if in a privileged going steady relationship or monandrous married couple. These circumstances have left pairs to breakup and splits up and even accusations of sex crimes. Interpreting the circumstance aids the patients in adapting the trouble. Often noctambulists acquire these condition and before attempting aid.
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