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Sexsomnia is the behavior of a human being while he is asleep. Most of the times, the person who has sexsomnia realizes that his behavior has been changed. In sexsomnia they do not have much knowledge about sexsomnia.

In cases where adequate information is not available, they fail to understand that Sexsomnia is a medical disorder or else they inculcate the fear within them that the world will look at them as is this behavior is done purposely.

The truth about sexsomnia is that it s a sleeping disorder. Researchers have recorded polygraphic and video recordings of the patients who are going through this disorder. They record them while they are sleeping.

While analyzing them through their sleep it was found that the observed unusual brain activity is similar to the NREM arousal parasomnias. Sexsomnia is a state where the mind and the body are totally disconnected while sleeping.

The treatment for sexsomnia is similar to the NREM parasomnias and the treatment involves specific interventions. If we avoid precipitating factors and ensure a safe environment, sexsomnia can be treated to quite an extent with minimum efforts.

However, sexsomnia does not cause problem to people who have experienced it or for their partners. The common name used for sexsomniacs are sleep-walkers. It has been noticed through people’s experience and research that walking in sleep is not necessarily a sleep – walker

To transform into a sleep walker you have to inculcate the habit of walking in your sleep. It has been found that almost three percent of children and adults are sleep-walkers. Mostly sleep walkers will do odd things at odd times while they are in their sleep.

However, some of the sleep-walkers are very active in sex life while they sleep. Such sleep-walkers are known as sexsomniacs. Sexsomnia refers to the sexual attitude of human beings.

It can take place while REM and slow wave sleep. Apart from the usual sex behavior, the sex behavior during seizures is also a part of sexsomnia. This particular sex behavior is called as Kleine-Levin syndrome.

The percentage of sexsomniacs has been increasing on a constant basis. The experts are playing a major role towards creating awareness about this disorder among the human beings before they can create some notions about the disorder.

As of now, the definite number of people affected with sexsomnia is not clear, since it is not a disorder which creates a lot of problem. They are just indulging themselves into something very natural.

All they do is snuggle up their loved ones and then the story continues from there. Sex is enjoyed at both the sides and they feel satisfied. The only drawback in such a scenario is that one of the partners was sleeping while the other was enjoying every minute.

Sexsomniacs normally undergo through violence, masturbation which is risky and injurious and they also implicate themselves into a wide range of sexual assaults. Usually, most of these sexual assaults are faced by the partner. In such a case, it is recommended that they should seek medical advice in order to make the task easy. 
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