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Stress and sexsomnia

I was reading an interesting story about a woman whose boyfriend is a sexsomniac under stress. According to the woman, the boyfriend has “sexsomnia” when stressed out. You can read about this experience here

You might wish to look at yourself and see if you too are stressed out. Will meditation, yoga or working on other stress reducing methods reduce the condition? Stress is a known contributing factor for sexsomnia. According to this study, multiple sexsomnia episodes occurred during stress and fatigue. Hence is it possible that patients are experiencing “stress” and sleep deprivation on the night of committing sexsomnia? The question to ask would be, will the condition go away at least temporarily when the stress is reduced?

Trajanovic NN, Mangan M, Shapiro CM. 2007. Sexual behaviour in sleep: an internet survey. SocPsychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol. 42(12): 1024-31
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